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YAPA is an ethical fashion brand based in New York that started with the concept of merging traditional craftsmanship and modern design to make knitwear of superior quality with the idea that wearing a sweater can be fun and versatile.

Bernarda Pelaez our founder and creative director cherishes her natural bond and love for her native Bolivia and believes in giving back, this is why she has placed a strong priority in working with local Bolivian artisans.

YAPA pieces are designed in New York and developed and made in Bolivia in collaboration with the artisans using techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation over centuries, reflecting ancient traditions but made for a contemporary lifestyle. Each design can take up to several days to make. Everything is made with incredible attention to detail, care and passion.


Deeply rooted in our DNA is a love for exquisite natural materials, high quality, comfort and craftsmanship.
New York is our base where we work creatively and design all our products. But much of our inspiration comes from Bolivia where all our pieces are made with respect for the people who craft them.
We believe that a product’s origins, sustainable production and environmental impact are of equal importance as its aesthetic. It’s the combination of these elements, what makes our products truly luxurious.
Our pieces are all individual works of art carefully finished and embroided by hand, making the inside just as impeccable as the outside.

We want to demonstrate that a 100% responsible business practice is the only way to do business and our products origin is a key to our concept. At YAPA we draw on the expertise of local people, whose artisan skills are passed on from generation to generation with a true desire to keep ancient traditions alive.

Join us in our mission to create opportunities for artisans starting in Bolivia with the idea to continue with more communities around the world.


YAPA products are soft comfortable and made with love, designed to fit and feel great for a long
– Artisanal
– Made ethically
– Eco Friendly
– Sustainable